Training off lampwork

Now you can touch the magic art of lampwork!

Let me invite you to visit the classes that I regularly give in the studio of fancy glass, located in the center of Kiev. In a course of a class you will study the fundamentals of lampwork technology, thanks to which you will be able to create authentic jewelry, made of glass, by yourself.

The plan of study is rated for beginners. The class is held in a form of practical training, during which all the sleights of work with glass are mastered, using a torch. All the necessary materials and equipment are included in price of the class. Beads, made in a course of the class, belong to you.

The premise of the studio is located in Kiev, Obolon district. The students are equipped with propane-oxygen torch Carlisle Mini CC, specially meant for work with soft glass. The burner works with no noise or odor, melts the glass very quickly, due to which the student has enough time to make a lot of beads.

The duration of the class is 9 hours (3 days per 3 hours), at time, convenient for you. All the classes are held one-to-one. For non-residents of Kiev it is possible to give all the classes in 1 day.

For more details please contact me at me +38 0502268663(phone). Good mood, passion for art and desire for beauty – these are the things that are to be taken for classes. The process of work with glass will leave no one indifferent – admirable shades of hot glass, sometimes soft, like honey, sometime hard, like diamond will enchant you, the way they enchanted me long ago. Welcome!