Glass Chess

Chess is one of the most popular intellectual games in the world. India considers being the motherland of chess, and in IX-X chess appeared at Slavonic territories.

Starting from the first century of game’s appearance, the world of chess pieces charmed intellectuals and artists. Every so often, chess kits are real pieces of arts, reflecting the way of life, style of the epoch, recreating mythological images or the images of famous pieces of literature, reflecting different events of world history, etc. Over the course of chess’ history, they have been made of very different materials: ivory and walrus bone, wood and ceramics, silver and gold, steel and bronze, mother of pearl and amber, china and, finally, glass.

Below there is an authentic chess set, made by me of Italian and American glass using lampwork technology. Classic color combinations for chess sets are black/white, red/white, red/green, but nowadays reach range of murano glass allows embodying any interesting idea. The board is made of plate glass, sandblast technology, its legs are made of chrome plated metal. The size of the board is 40/40. The height of a king figure is 12 sm. Approximate time of work - one month.