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Welcome to the site, representing authentic jewelry handmade glass. I am Olga Ruban, a professional fine art expert. I have been into lampworking since 2008.

Lampworking is a technique of glass processing with the help of a gas torch. Ancient masters used oil lamp, blowing up air to the flame through a tube. Nowadays the majority of artists use propane torches or natural gas torches with oxygen blowing – they reach higher temperatures and are better controlled.

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Lampwork is one of the most ancient techniques of glass processing. It is often associated with the works of Italian masters, and that is why lampwork items sometimes are called Venice or murano glass items (from the name of the island of Murano in Venice, where the largest glassblowing shops of Italy are located). Handmade glass was rated high back in medieval Europe. In XIII—XIV centuries Venice pieces were abundantly exported to different places from Eastern Mediterranean to Northern Europe. The masters were given unheard privileges – including the possibility to marry the members of noble families. Though under penalty of death they did not have a right to leave Venice – in such a way the gild of craft masters kept its secrets.

Handmade glass leaves no one indifferent. It seems like bright, juicy colors were created to give good mood and to be delight for the eye. Usually those, working with glass, are called glass blowers, but in my case this is not quite right. While creating a bead, the glass is not blown, but molded in a softened state around the base – metal mandrel. So my works are rather micro sculptures.

I work only with high quality Italian, American and German glass made by Effetre (Moretti), Messy Color (CiM), Double Helix, Reichenbach, Kugler. This allows getting crack resistant items of incredibly clean, juicy colors. When creating chess pieces I also use Czech extraclear and resistant to temperature difference glass, produced by Simax. Often items include fine precious metals – silver, gold, palladium in the form of foil, wire or surface spattering. Molted metal enters a chemical reaction with glass, creating unique patterns on bead surface that sometimes remind of a stone, or a rainbow, sea abyss, or stars, scattered in the night sky. Objects, the most difficult to make, copy the nature – naturalistic three dimensional flowers, multilayered geometrical patterns with a great number of small details. All the beads undergo compulsory kilning, increasing their hardness.

When creating jewelry I pay special attention to the quality of findings, I prefer working with silver. Authentic bronze findings made by Anna Chernyh were used in a number of my works. Besides, a number of works is performed applying the method of electroforming. Metallization of glass jewelry – rings, for example, apart from creating unique appearance, also hardens the article.

With great pleasure I work on by-order basis, and I am always grateful to my clients for interesting ideas. Some works, presented on the site, are single, others are multiple, but making an exact copy is impossible due to the peculiarities of the material. Modern color range of glass allows picking up color grade to match any cloth. To order jewelry, which is not in store, you are welcome to contact me. I will be glad to help you creating your own unique and feminine image.